An orange-colored song through her brother’s writing.She wants to share this song to as many people as she can. I don’t know the shape of emotion but also the meaning of love.By doing one thing next to another thing, I’ve just gradually realized what I really need to do.She totally like an angle and even sometimes makes my face turn to red,and she tells me that I must be shy.I’m being used to stay with she.That can make me feel peaceful.just like one saying says:"As long as you are there, it will be full of light. As long as you are there, the people will enjoy peace, and I hope I can be the one like you."So I want to be a real human like you.
KeyClub’s games have a special magic that can make you cured after ending the games.It’s the same with this one.Relaxing plot,wonderful music and sweet voice.all of them can keep you sucked in it.tears brim over,smiles of happiness and relief.It makes me believe that the life will better as I expect all the time.